Vote for Loki for K9 County Commissioner

Loki is here to bring a pawsitive change to the community.

Pawsome Parks and Recreation:
I believe every dog and (human) deserves access to safe, clean, and enjoyable parks.

Let's invest in upgrading our recreation areas, creating more dog-friendly spaces and promoting outdoor activities for pets and their families.

Tail Wagging Transportation:
I bark for better transportation options! Whether it's improving public transportation, a safe spot on the bus or train for our fur families to travel with their humans.

Advocating for safer streets for walking fur friends on.

Community Canine Care:
Every pet deserves a loving home. I will work to strengthen animal welfare laws, promote adoption initiatives, and support local animal rescues to ensure no fur friend has to go to a shelter.

Promote programs that educate the community about responsible pet ownership, animal behavior, and the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Encourage pet licensing and vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease.

Stress the importance of collaboration with veterinary professionals, community leaders, and other stakeholders to address animal-related issues effectively.

Lower-cost veterinary care for all rescued animals.

Woof welfare for our senior community.

With your support, we can wag our way to a brighter future. Let's paws for a moment, fetch our dreams, and bark up the right tree by electing me, your loyal fur friend, as your next K9 County Commissioner.

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Donation checks can be mailed to: Rescue Ridge P.O. Box 223 Spring Lake, NJ 07762 Your donations are tax deductible. We are a 501(c)3 charity licensed by the State of New Jersey. Thank you for your generous support.