Bif Courtesy post

Bif needs to find a new home with a adults only. He lives with a mom and daughter who is 13 years old. The daughter put her arms around his neck and rubbed his face and that's when he nipped her. She was taken to the doctor but no stitches were needed. He's a sweet dog and needs his space as some dogs do. He's 7 years young and a big boy at 75 pounds.

Bif is a courtesy post. Rescue Ridge knows nothing about his temperament.

The owner's name is Mel at (845) 323-6400


Tucker's dad needs surgery so he can not take care of him anymore.
Tucker loves to run around so would love a fenced in yard. Loves water. Loves to play ball. Loves car rides.

Tucker is a courtesy post so we don't know tucker personally. After you fill out an application Rescue Ridge will put you in touch with Tucker"s Dad.