2.5 Yrs. Old Pointer Mix
Panda is a Rescue Ridge Alumni, Panda's family is losing their home and now Panda needs a new home.
Panda is a sweet 2-3 year fully house-trained cuddler.
Panda lived with a canine brother but would prefer being an only canine child.
Panda loves kids and would be a great running companion.
Panda is not a fan of dog parks.
If you would like to meet Panda please fill out an application at and then either email us at rescueridgeshelter@gmail. or text 732-546-8805 to let us know and set up a meet and greet.
If Panda is a good fit for you we will contact you.


2 Yrs. Old Terrier/ Hound Mix


This peanut of a girl was tossed into a kill shelter along with her boyfriend. Then 2 weeks later the family that threw her away decided to do the same for her babies.

Lucky Sophia found rescue ridge at 2 years old. She is about 38 lbs. and is a complete love! This poor girl has seen the worst of people.
Friends of the shelter reached out to us and went the extra mile to find Sophia a foster until we had room. Sophia is with us now and is just so happy to be here. During her time with her foster, we found she had heartworm so she is being treated for that. Sophia just wants a lap to hang out in.
Walks pretty well on a leash, and sits in the car like she is going on a new adventure. Sophia would be the perfect sister to kids 6 and over and maybe another dog. All this won't take place til treatments are done. But if you have a quiet home for her she would like that too. If you are interested in Sophia please an application is a must. Go to and fill one out then text 732-546-8805 or email
If you don't hear from us it usually means that you are not a match for this dog.

Sophia says thank you and have a great day.


1 Yr. Old Hound/Shepherd Mix
Young, energetic Maddie. If you are a running enthusiast Maddie is the girl for you. Sweet soulful eyes that say I love you now take me on a run. Maddie knows some commands but needs a consistent home to train her into the wonderful girl that we know she is. Maddie is still a little bit of a jumper ( we are working on that) we would suggest she not go home with young children. Maddie is only about 1 year old and needs a very energetic family. If you are interested in meeting this beautiful girl please fill out an application at and then email or text 732-546-8805 to let us know.

Lex and Jax

7 Yr. Old Chiweenie and 8 Yr. Old Miniature Pinscher
Rescue Ridge welcomes another wonderful pair of pups! Meet a sweet sibling pair, Lex and Jax. They are 7& 8-year-old siblings. Lex and Jax are bonded and must be adopted together. They are very sweet and love to sit next to you. They get along with other dogs and are curious about cats. They are a Chiweenie (Lex) and a Miniature Pinscher. (Jax) Sadly, their owner was no longer well and could no longer keep them. Rescue Ridge stepped up to save him and they are available for adoption at They are doing very well in their foster home and are housebroken and just wonderful snuggle bugs. Please share them for a loving forever home.


1-2 Yrs. Old Hound/ ~Terrier Mix
This little guy is Titan. He is approximately 1-2 yrs old and appears to be a hound/terrier mix. He weighs 38lbs and is such a fun boy. Titan is playful, loves to go on walks and loves everyone he meets. He is easy to handle and would be a great fit into just about any family. Please apply to adopt Titan at


1 Yr. Old Hound/ Labrador Mix
Sandy is a young, playful, mixed-breed dog. At approximately 1 yr and 50 lbs, she is the perfect age and size for an active family with slightly older children. Sandy is sweet, playful, good in the car and entertains herself (and the volunteers) by playing with a ball in our play yard. Sandy is spayed, UTD on shots, and is ready for a home of her own. Sandy seems to prefer male dogs and is tolerant of female dogs. Please apply to adopt Sandy at


6 Yrs. Old Hound
Who could resist this beautiful face? Adopt May at

May came from Kentucky 2 years ago. She was adopted by a very nice man and his Chihuahua. Sadly this nice man died recently and the dogs lost their home. They wound up in a local kennel. The kennel reached out to Rescue Ridge and both dogs were able to be placed in foster homes. May's foster mom says she is an easy-going, happy hound. May enjoys running around the fenced yard with the other dogs in the home. But her favorite thing is going on long walks. May is friendly to people and other dogs. She is non-reactive and doesn't bark at other dogs. Her tail is always wagging. May made an easy transition into her foster home. She goes to the bathroom outside and sleeps in her crate at night. May is looking for her forever person or family. She loves to snuggle. May is truly a great dog. Housebroken, playful, hardly ever barks, and loves to go for walks. Dog friendly. May is 6 years young, spayed, and up to date on vaccines. She weighs about 40 pounds. if you are interested in May an application is a must, go to after you fill it out please text 732-546-8805 to let us know. If you are a match for May her foster Mom will get back to you. Please give us a few days to get back to you.


1 Yr. Old Mixed Breed
Ricky 1 Yr. Old Mixed Breed Ricky is a 1-2-year-old, 38 lb terrier mix. Ricky is friendly, fun-loving, and very smart. Ricky walks nicely on a leash and has learned many commands in a short period of time. He looks forward to his training sessions and is very attentive. Ricky loves car rides, going to the park, and meeting new people. Ricky is looking for an active family that will take him on lots of new adventures! Ricky can walk by other dogs but would prefer to be your one and only. He is neutered and UTD on shots. Please watch Ricky's video to see how amazing this young boy is! Please apply to adopt Ricky at


8 Yrs. Old Neopolitan Mastiff
Moe and his sister were pulled from the shelter in North Jersey. When Moe became too much to handle, rescue was asked to take him. Moe is 8 years old. He is sweet but sometimes he has to warm up to you. He does not have food issues. He picks and chooses the dogs he likes but he likes females better. He prefers calm dogs and a calm environment. Moe is very affectionate and sweet. When meeting new people he prefers to approach them rather than them approaching or cornering him. He eats in private. He is not possessive about toys or bowls but he does get space while eating. He is a treasure for a calm home without small children. He sleeps in a crate. Please apply to adopt Moe at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you shortly. If you do not hear from us, your application might not match this dog's needs but may match another one of our dogs. Please let us know.


8 Yrs. Old Boxer/ Bully Mix
Sweet Pea came from a rescue 6 + years ago and is about 8 years old. She is loving and affectionate. She loves marrow bones and treats. She eats in her crate and at times growls when standing there. She will go outside when toys or bones are replaced with food. Other than that, she is like her name -very sweet. She might be but is not always shy when meeting new people. Other than her food issues she is a treasure. She would do best in a calm home with calm dogs. She sleeps in her crate. Please apply to adopt Sweet Pea and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you shortly. If you do not hear from us, your application might not match this dog's needs but may match another. Please let us know.


7-8 Yrs. Old Labrador Mix
Meet Nellie! If you are looking for a true snuggle bug then here she is! Poor Nellie must have had a rough life. She has scars all over her body but that does not change her inner beauty and she is a lovely, ~7-8 yrs. old medium size mixed breed sweetheart. Nellie loves people and would prefer to be your only pet. Nellie LOVES to play with her toys and will share them nicely with you. She takes food, treats, and toys gently, loves to sun-bathe in the play yard and loves to go for walks. She is strong on the leash but loves her walks. Nellie would love to learn some commands and is a willing participant. This girl wants nothing more than to relax in a quieter side home with adults or older children. Won't you please be her forever person or family? Please apply to adopt Nellie at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you shortly.


5 Yrs. Old. Staffordshire Terrier/ Labrador Mix
Martin wants to let you know that he is still waiting for his forever home at Rescue Ridge. He is waiting for you in his kennel at Rescue Ridge in central NJ. Martin was saved by Rescue Ridge from a local inner-city NJ shelter. He is visually impaired but he gets around quite well. Martin is a good sweet, 5 yrs. old, Staffordshire Terrier/ Labrador mix. He is good with other larger, gentle, senior dogs. Due to his being visually impaired, Martin sometimes has difficulty understanding social cues when around other dogs and he needs another dog who is patient and yet can teach him how to behave. He would even love to be your one and only pet. No cats, please. No small animals. Martin is housebroken and crate trained. He loves to just hang around and snuggle with you. Please apply to adopt Martin at and then text 732 546 8805 to meet him. Please share and help Martin finally have a forever home.


7 to 8 Yrs. Old Blue Nose Staffordshire Terrier
Beautiful Meera was at a local NJ shelter for one year. It is Thanksgiving and she is our rescue for Thanksgiving. She is 7 to 8 yrs. old, a stunning Blue Nose Staffordshire Terrier. Meera is adjusting nicely to her life at Rescue Ridge. She would love a quiet home with adults or one with older children. She enjoys walks, LOVES treats, and has no toy, treat, or food issues. Meera is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is adjusting to meeting new people and will make a very loyal and loving family member. Please apply to adopt Meera at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours.


5.5 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Courtesy posted for Please apply to them directly. PLEASE APPLY TO ADOPT PENNY AT BFDAAA.COM


Penny is incredibly sweet and loving, super playful and funny. She LOVES to play fetch, is crate-trained and housebroken. She would prefer to be your one and only pet but really loves the company of adult humans. Due to her need to play and be a little rambunctious, a home with children 16+ is required. Penny is around 5-6 years old and is fully vetted. Her favorite activity is playing fetch in the backyard alone or with someone!!! Penny would make a great couch companion in those cold winter nights. She may take over the couch, hog the pillows and blankets and steal your popcorn, but that doesn't matter....right???
If you are interested in Penny, please go to to complete an application.


8 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer Mix
Rhino is 8 yrs. old. He is a stunning, athletic, brindle, Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer mix. This poor boy lived outside on a heavy chain for the first five years of his life with little shelter or love. His owner brought him to a local NJ shelter and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save him. The volunteers at Rescue Ridge gained his love and trust. Rescue Ridge has also helped Rhino with professional training. Rhino is an incredible dog. He is most loyal and loving and highly intelligent. Rhino needs an experienced owner. Rhino needs a quiet adult home with no traffic of people coming and going. He is housebroken and has no toy, treat, or food issues. He will gladly cuddle with you and loves structure. He loves a routine. He looks forward to his walks and is excellent on leash. Rhino loves car rides and will be your best co-pilot. He knows his basic commands and listens very well. Rhino is best as your only pet in the home even though he has some canine friends at the rescue and even had a canine girlfriend. She found her forever home. Where is his? If you are the type of person whose heart goes out to the most in need and will provide structure, then Rhino will truly be your best companion. Please apply to adopt Rhino at No inquiries, please without an application.


9 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer Mix
POOR FREDDIE WAS RETURNED TO RESCUE RIDGE. Poor, sweet, handsome, Freddie was returned to Rescue Ridge through no fault of his own. His family could no longer take care of him. We need your help in finding Freddie a new, loving, forever home. Will you help us to help him? Freddie is a loving, affectionate, playful, now 9 yr. old, Staffordshire Terrier or Hound/ Boxer mix guy who was saved by Rescue Ridge from a local, New Jersey, overcrowded shelter . His family could not keep him and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save him. . Freddie is best in an adult home, and housebroken, too! He loves to run, snuggle, play ball, and go for walks. He knows 'Sit' and takes toys, treats and food gently. Freddie is fabulous in the car and promises to be your best co- pilot ever! Freddie is dog selective and would prefer to be your only pet in the home. Please apply to foster or adopt Freddie in central N. J. at and email: or text us at 732-546-8805


8 Yrs. Old Shepherd Hound Mix
URGENT FOSTER HOME NEEDED FOR 6 TO 8 WEEKS WHILE HER FOSTER MOM HAS TO GO OVERSEAS. PLEASE TEXT 732 546 8805 AND APPLY AT RESCUERIDGE.COM TAFFY IS A VERY GENTLE 8 YRS. OLD SHEPHERD MIX IN MONMOUTH COUNTY NJ. ONLY PET AND GOOD WITH KIDS. HOUSEBROKEN. Now, THIS is a lovely girl!!! Taffy is ~8 yrs. old, an adorable, spayed, Shepherd mix. Sadly, Taffy's owner passed away and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save her. She is waiting in her foster at Rescue Ridge in Monmouth County NJ for some lucky person to take her home. To call Taffy sweet is just the beginning of her wonderful attributes. She is kind, mellow, affectionate, smart, fully housebroken, good on a leash, has no toy, treat, or food issues, and loves car rides, too! Taffy leans into you after just seconds of meeting her for some loving. She will gladly give you her belly to rub and stretches out on the ground in sheer bliss when you show her attention and love. Taffy is best in a home with sturdy kids, probably just slightly older, simply because she is 75 lbs. and we would not want her to knock the very little ones down. She will give you her paw to seal the deal. Please apply to temporarily foster Taffy at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Please share.